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:::  LLLABO LUMINARIES  :::: Go West! Will China’s New Megacities conquer the world? China is creating the largest urban society the world has ever seen. Small towns in Central and Western China are transforming at breakneck pace into huge metropolises with many ...Read More

中国では今、かつて世界が見たことのないような巨大な都市社会を形成しています。中国中部や西部に存在していた小さな町は、何百万人もの人が生活する大きなメトロポリスへと驚きのペースで変容を遂げています。建築家ダン・ロッグビーンとジャーナリスト、ミシェル・フルショフは、このように新たなに発生してきている20箇所の都市を訪ね、彼らの新しい本「How the City Moved to Mr Sun – China’s New Megacities」にまとめました。その中で彼らは、このとてつもない成長の裏に存在する無情な論理を露呈させ、同時にこの止められないプロセスの中で追いやられる多くの人々の状況を克明に描写しています。 Read More

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LLLABO's Julian Worrall has contributed an interview and critical essay to Toyo Ito: Forces of Nature, a new monograph on the recent work and thought of Toyo Ito published by Princeton Architectural Press. Edited by Jessie Turnbull and with additional commentary by Stan ...Read More


Chim↑Pom are a provocative young art unit based in Tokyo that has been blazing a trail of performance-based activist art since 2006. Iconoclastic and irreverent, yet consciously channeling the ideas of 1960s insurgent art practices such as Hi Red Center ...Read More

Patterns and Layers visual

Japanese visual culture has been characterised with the labels "depthless" and "superflat", suggesting a sensitivity to two-dimensional constructs such as shape and figure.  How might this sensibility translate to the spatial world of architecture?  Via an updated deployment of patterns ...Read More