The core questions that we are engaging in LLLABO deal with the conditions and dilemmas of modernity in Asian urban societies, as they manifest themselves in architecture and the city. The focus is primarily on urban space and phenomena, including public space, infrastructure, place-making, architectural typologies, and the relation between social and spatial levels of the city.

Our research is situated between architectural history, theory, and design practice, and between the scale of the city and the scale of the building. We are interested in stimulating synthetic research investigations bringing together conventionally disparate elements under coherent sets of questions, which are then examined with a range of appropriate methodologies at several scales.

Despite such potentially heterogeneous origins, the destination of such research is always directed towards architecture (ie: the history, theory, and practice of the constructed environment). Research will be conscious of the global conversations around architecture and conducted in both English and Japanese, and other languages where necessary. Students should consider themselves ready to think and work outside the frame of “Japan”, while deepening their knowledge of their own cultural heritage.

Current research interests at LLLABO are in the following areas:

  1. Infrastructure Landscapes and Cultures
  2. Tokyo Studies – Socio-spatial Phenomena and Representations
  3. Rural Revitalisation through Art and Architecture
  4. Cosmopolitan Urbanism in East Asia
  5. Architectures of the Displaced Home
  6. Digital Techniques in Architecture and Urbanism