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The qualities, processes, and prospects of the metropolis in East Asian lie at the core of our interests at Lllabo. This interest has led us on travels beyond Tokyo, our home and the metropolis we know best. We have conducted ...Read More

Detail from Takashi Imura's "Karakurin" at Ogijima

Japan today is seen as a rich country in slow decline, in stark contrast to China, a poor country undergoing full-throttle growth. China has this week passed Japan as the world's second largest economy, as measured by total GDP. But ...Read More

:::   LLLABO LUMINARIES 01 ::: ART & THE CITY: The Political Uses of Creativity and Fine Art in Urban Japan Today Adrian Favell, Professor of Sociology, UCLA & Aarhus University When: Monday, 22 March 2010, 6:00-8:00pm Where: 1F Meeting Room, Building 55N, Nishi-waseda Campus, Waseda University, Tokyo ...Read More