LLLABO’s Julian Worrall has contributed an interview and critical essay to Toyo Ito: Forces of Nature, a new monograph on the recent work and thought of Toyo Ito published by Princeton Architectural Press. Edited by Jessie Turnbull and with additional commentary by Stan Allen, the book brings various materials together to explore Ito’s pursuit of a spatial and structural liberation from the modernist grid since completing his Sendai Mediatheque project in 2000. Worrall’s essay, entitled “Base and Superstructure in Toyo Ito,” proposes a recuperation of a Marxian vocabulary of “base” and “superstructure” to grasp the relation between architectural and social liberation in Ito’s thought.

“Ito’s oeuvre, both built and written, has always pursued questions of the relationship between spaces and bodies. Spaces are manifested though imbrications of structures and envelopes; bodies are complex assemblages bearing both perceptual and behavioral dimensions–varying the weights on each of these terms yields a field of possibilities across which the trajectory of Ito’s work can be traced.”

– Julian Worrall

The book is now available from good architectural bookstores worldwide, and of course from the various Amazon sites.